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Is your content marketing business slowing down?


Content marketing is a raging hot niche on the Internet right now. Specially because Google has now finally eliminated all the spammers, link-builders, and comment-crazy whackos for good.

So what is that you need for the new age of SEO?

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This is SEONeos, an all new software that is going to be released on Monday, April 25 at 11 AM EST.

This is a unique, one of a kind software that helps you solve real problems with your SEO.

#1 On Page SEO – SEO Neos finds out all that is wrong with your website no matter what platform it is on, and also recommends you real fixes that you need to do to improve its rankings. This deals with the Panda update of Google.

#2 Off Page SEO – Whether you do it or not, with time bad links are going to show up all over the Internet for your website and they are going to drag your website down thanks to the Penguin update which heavily penalizes bad links.

SEONeos does a deep analysis of your backlinks and tells you what backlinks are bad. Not only that, it can also generate a Disavow file to get rid of your bad backlink’s toxic effects.

This is a perfect solution for Google’s Penguin update.

SEONeos is the only tool on the market today that takes care of both Panda & Penguin updates from Google.

If you’re into content marketing, this is one tool you MUST HAVE, and using it just once on any website might open up new floodgates of organic traffic by helping you make Google love your website.

So wait for 11 AM EST on Monday for SEONeos. I will update you by email as soon as this software is launched.

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