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Social Ad Classroom front end is complied of videos crafted by FaceBook™ advertising experts Justin Cener and Dan Dasilva. Covering all types of objective ads for eCommerce, List Building, and Affiliate Marketing.


Social Ad Classroom is the first product of it’s kind. Justin Cener and Dan Dasilva have created a product that will allow the average user to tap into FB ads and dominate. With Justin clearing over $500,000 per month using FaceBook™ ads and eCommerce he understands FULLY what it takes to go from 0-$100k with FB ads. Last month Justin was able to clear over $500,000+ with 2 stores that took him 1 day to create from start to finish. Justin has finally decided to come to the spot light and share with the world EXACTLY his strategies that allow him to create massive wealth with eCommerce and FaceBook™ Ads.

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Dan Dasilva has been building a list using FaceBook™ ads and is finally revealing his entire strategy. From creating landing pages and turning a cold lead into a warm lead using a relationship building experience sequence. Not even to mention the new lead ads recently implemented within FB ads that makes it MUCH easier to capture leads.

Our main focus is to show the latest and greatest FaceBook™ ad techniques that will allow your customers to generate thousands of dollars and hundreds of leads. Using the latest objective based ads such as Product Catalogue sales and Pay Per Lead. We even go and cover Instagram ads and mobile advertising via FaceBook™ ads.

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